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Earn upto 1 month for every friend you refer.

Introduce Altsoul to your friends. They'll get a free class when they sign up and you will get upto 1 month* added to your memebership once they buy a plan. Read the terms here.

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How it works

Spread the word with the link and refer your friends.
After signing up your friends will get their first class FREE.
You get upto 1 month added to your account after your friend buys a plan.

Read the terms

  • Only users on a membership plan can refer.

  • The Invite code is only valid for new users on sign up

  • If your friend buys a plan you earn upto 1 month*

    1 month 5 days
    3 months 10 days
    6 months 15 days
    12 months 30 days

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