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Affordable. Convenient. Super Selection.
Altsoul is the best way to work out. While being significantly more affordable than a gym membership, an Altsoul pass gives you a lot more convenience and a far wider selection of fitness options than you ever had before. Whether you like Dance, Fitness or Outdoors Altsoul is for you!


Wide Selection of Classes & Facilities

Can you think of a fitness studio or gym which has a pool, tennis courts and group classes? Altsoul gives you access not only to the largest selection of fitness, dance, yoga & meditation but also a wide range of outdoor activities from wall climbing to kick boxing.

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Most gym memberships range in the price range of 18,000 to 45,000 rupees per year. An Altsoul pass costs only a fraction of that amount. Since we don’t own any inventory, we don’t need to make a huge margin on each customer to recover our costs. Once you purchase the membership everything else is Free. Free as in Freedom.

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Unlimited access to the best studios & gyms

We have partnered with the best gyms & studios around you. Some of our partners include MultiFit, Zela Luxury Club, Volt Energy Club, F45 Training, Snap Fitness , Total Yoga & many others.

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Expert Instructors

Our partners have highly trained & skilled instructors. Small class sizes allow for personalized instruction, so if you’re recovering from an injury or just getting into fitness each class can be customized for you.

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We believe in the community

Altsoul is not just a membership you use just to reserve classes at your favorite fitness centers. It gives you access to a vibrant community of fitness enthusiasts like yourself. Happiness is much better when its shared.

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